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Our team members are national certified personal trainers, and wellness coaches located right here in Delaware. We specialize in helping seniors maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

About Gentle Wellness 4 Life

Gentle Wellness 4 Life focuses on simple and beneficial workouts for beginners, and those who are looking to ease themselves into a healthier lifestyle.

Linda Adams, owner of Gentle Wellness 4 Life, has a passion for exercising and having a healthy lifestyle. “We live in a fast-paced world that has an obsession for quick and generally unhealthy meals. This kind of lifestyle can be detrimental. It impacts all, especially those who have been sedentary. The lack of exercise and unhealthy food choices leads to more than just obesity, but also a variety of other chronic health issues.”

Here at Gentle Wellness 4 Life, we TEACH, MOTIVATE, & COACH. We’ve developed programs for our clients that utilize simple but effective workouts, which can be done at your own pace in your own place. When a client realizes they need to make a change in their lifestyle for their health, we take pride in helping them make their first steps. Our program focuses on gentle exercises to ease our clients into a healthier lifestyle and have fun doing so.

A healthier lifestyle can result in improved health, increased energy, greater flexibility, and enhanced balance.

Gentle Wellness 4 Life offers both:
  • Group classes
  • Personalized programs whether for one, or more.
We serve a variety of clientele including:
  • Senior citizens
  • Handicapped/Disabled/Special Needs individuals
  • People who want to exercise, have difficulty doing so, and/or want to lose weight
Our services are taught by certified trainers with a variety of exercises such as:
  • Tai chi
  • Personal training
  • Balance
  • Workouts for arthritis

How it Works

We start our clients at their own pace with planned steps that gently lead the person to form healthy habits. Our objective is to start our clients at their own pace with no need to go anywhere special. In addition to creating effective workouts, we also help our clients make better dietary choices. All of this takes place from the comfort and convenience of a comfortable environment.

We assist our clients in making a commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits of Our Workouts

It is never too late. Gradually building up a healthier lifestyle has many benefits including:

  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Better BALANCE

Improving your endurance can be easy and fun, let us show you how.

Building up strength may seem like a difficult task, but there are gentle exercises that can improve your strength. You can do it, let us show you how.

Flexibility helps your joints and muscles stay limber. Simple stretches are easily incorporated into a healthy lifestyle, let us teach you how.

Balance can help avoid falls and injuries. We can teach you how.

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