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Are you over 55 and don't want to go to an exercise facility? Don't know where to begin? Can't seem to fit exercise into your day?

We provide stretching, exercise programs for senior citizensWith a team of certified personal trainers, and wellness coaches we specialize in helping seniors and older people. Linda Adams, owner of Gentle Wellness 4 Life says “It is not easy for folks 50ish – 100, who have been sedimentary, both at home and work, just to get up and make enduring changes that lead to better health. Also in our crazy and fast paced world we tend to rely on fast food-the wrong food as a way of life. These two things-lack of exercise and poor food choices are the reasons why there is an obesity epidemic of epic proportions in our country, spiraling down into chronic health issues.”

When the time comes that a senior realizes that changes must be made and faces the fact that bad health will irrevocably impact their quality of life, it is often that first step that is the hardest to find, let alone take. Gentle Wellness 4 Life was developed with this concept, noticing people needed; to find and take those first important steps on the road to recovering better health without the fear of humiliation and embarrassment. Often this stops the best of intentions from ever becoming real improvement and life changes.

Senior clients often need to begin gradually with planned steps that gently lead a person (50ish & beyond) to form positive, healthy habits to replace previous patterns. Our objective is to start people in their own place and at their own pace and then continue progress that is comfortable for each person – with specific goals to ultimately ensure success in crafting a sustainable lifestyle changes of exercise and wiser food choices as the norms so it becomes a welcome and permanent aspect of life. This approach is especially important for “Baby Boomers” ( those of 50 years old and above), who are looking at declining mobility and difficulty with even simple movement, or facing health issues that will eventually plague them with potentially life-threatening consequences. We work with each person to customize an entire plan that includes nutritious eating choices, activity and movement…all from the convenience of home or other personal environment.

We help those who are courageous and willing to make the commitment. With our help the first steps can result in improved health, increased energy, greater flexibility, enhanced balance, and a better outlook on life.

"I feel so lucky to have met Linda Adams of Gentle Wellness 4 Life. Exercising is something I wanted to do, but it was not part of my daily routine. Linda's coaching helped me develop a routine that was easy for me to do in my own home using the equipment I already had, an exercise ball and hand weights. Scheduling Linda to come to my home got me started on a routine that now I can continue on my own. Linda made sure that I did the exercises correctly so I would not hurt myself and so I would get the maximum benefit. Linda could judge when it was time to add more exercises and repetitions. Her knowledge of fitness and healthy habits was shared in a very friendly way. Linda's gentle approach and encouraging words were very helpful and I would recommend her to anyone looking to begin exercising again."


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